Middle School Math Chat #msMathChat – Monday Nights at 9PM EST on Twitter!

Join middle school math teachers from around the country on Monday nights for the brand new Middle School Math Chat!  #msMathChat

Helpful Hints:

  • If you have never participated in a Twitter chat before you are in for a treat!  To participate, you just need to include the #msMathChat in your 140 characters.
  • The moderator (@justinaion) will ask a question and then everyone can answer it and discuss.  (The format for chats is usually a question, Q1 from Justin, then you will answer with an A1 then your answer.)
  • Don’t feel intimidated, because you don’t actually have to “chat” if you do not want to.  You can simply log into twitter and watch the conversations.  To do this, follow the hashtag #msMathChat.  To follow a hashtag, simply perform a search on Twitter.
  • If your Twitter account is private, you may want to unlock your tweets during the math chat.  This will allow people who do not follow you to read your chats for the hour.

If you can’t come tonight, but hate to miss it, you don’t have to!  Each week, the math chats are archived on the Math Chat Wiki.

If you would like to participate in other subject chats, the full list can be found on the Math Chat wiki (and I listed it below for your convenience).

Subject Twitter # Day / Time Facilitator
Middle School Math  #msmathchat Monday 9PM EDT @justinaion  @luvbcd
Algebra 1  #alg1chat Sunday 9 PM EDT @lmhenry9  @_MattOwen_  @anthonya @kathrynfreed
Algebra 2  #alg2chat Monday 9PM EDT @druinok  @wmukluk  @lbburke
Geometry #geomchat Wednesday 9 PM EDT @algebrainiac1  @barbarawmadden
PreCalculus #PreCalcChat TBA @mrlenadj  @untilnextstop
Calculus #calcchat Friday 11AM as per IST – that is 12:30am EST and 1:30am EDT @ajitmishra71
Statistics #statschat Thursday 9pm EDT @jkindred13

What do you think?

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