Read the #msMathChat Archive – 500+ Tweets in One Hour

Wow!  What an exciting #msMathChat we had tonight!  We had over 38 participants and over 500 tweets in one hour!  I followed all of these amazing middle school teachers and favorited many tweets.  I can’t wait to use the ideas I got tonight and go back and explore all of the links I favorited.  Simply, I’m invigorated!

But don’t worry if you missed it!  I archived the entire chat with Storify.  You can go to the Storify link or just read about it here.  It should work, I’m new to Storify.  To see the archives of the other subject chats, check out the Math Chat wiki!

[View the story “Middle School Math Chat #msMathChat 8/19/13” on Storify]

2 thoughts on “Read the #msMathChat Archive – 500+ Tweets in One Hour

  1. Thanks for the blog post on how to participate in the Twitter discussions. I’ve always wanted to but didn’t hit the right time and I must say it is a little intimidating. I went back and looked at the discussions from tonight’s #msmathchat and they looked awesome. I’m definitely going to have to try it soon. BTW…I love your blog posts and I truly don’t know how you juggle it all (family, school, blogging, twitter, exercise, etc.) My goodness, makes me tired just talking about it! 🙂

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