Crappy Fiskars Compass Fix

Thank you Fiskars for mass producing a truly CRAPPY compass and distributing it in big box stores.  


Most of my students came in with this compass.  Right out of the package it is not tight and will not hold a measure.  Constructions are hard enough for beginners without this hurdle, and has kept me much busier helping poor students gently draw arcs than I should be.  I haven’t had time to even look at the compass to see if it could be improved.  I just assumed it was a plastic piece of junk (btw, it IS).  But today, one of my students said, “All you have to do is tighten the screw.”  Eureka.  And yes, I gave her a lollipop.  Bless you Jordan.

photo 1-1 photo 2-1

First of all, you shouldn’t have to tighten the screw on EVERY LAST COMPASS right out of the package.  Second, I know it won’t stay tight for long, if at all.  Shame on you Fiskars.

But if you are stuck with this compass, at least you have a temporary fix.  


5 thoughts on “Crappy Fiskars Compass Fix

  1. I agree. In my supply list I am very particular about both the protractor and the compass students buy. I specify a metal compass, not plastic of any kind, and the smallest protractor that is clear with no holes in the center that often comes in the geometry sets. I actually tell people, you could spend a dollar on a plastic compass, but why not just throw the dollar straight in the trash can and save gas money. Same for the large protractors with that moveable guide. Yuck. You can buy this set for less elsewhere, but this is what I specify.

  2. I have a class set of these compasses because as bad as they are, they’re still way better than the really cheap metal compasses I had. At least these compasses can *be* tightened. My favorite compass has a mechanical pencil built in.

  3. Good to hear that it’s not just me that gets frustrated by the unnecssary ‘added value’ of boxed geometry sets. I can’t remember if I ever really needed a plastic triangle…let alone 2 of them! Ikea (in the UK at least) and golf courses are good sources of small pencils for compasses. And ban pink and purple plastic protractors…please!

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