Proof Stations – Geometry


After a smashingly successful first day doing proofs in Geometry I was excited to prepare for day two!  Our Geometry classes are not tracked (leveled).  On day 1 I noticed that I had a wide range of proof writing ability.

I still wanted the students to have time to think and process the proofs as they did the day before, but I did not want to go too slowly for some students, or two quickly for others.  I wanted everyone to be able to think and to learn at their own pace.  Enter Stations.

I am a huge fan of stations for review, but I really haven’t done much at the beginning of a unit.  This worked beautifully!

image-3I gave my students six proofs in (of course) an INB foldable.  All they had were the givens and the prove.  I had them work on them silently for 10 minutes.  After the 10 minutes, they were able to work with a friend, and move around to the stations.

At each station, I had a copy of the same proofs that were on their papers, with some “hints” added.  The “hints” were the “fill in the blank” that can help students along if they get stuck.  On the back of the picture frame I had the proof fully worked out.

I encouraged the students to try the proofs FIRST, then if they got stuck or needed a hint they could go to the station.  Or, if they finished the proof they could check their answer with the proof answer on the back of the station frame.  Many students did not WANT the hints.  I agree with them, I really hate reading how someone else has solved a proof before I have time to think about it and try it on my own.  But, I did want students to check to make sure their proofs were similar to mine.  Since they are just beginning proofs, they often leave steps out.


This activity worked so well!  Students had time to think and try to work out the proofs on their own.  They were able to move around at their own pace.  They could get a hint if needed, and check their answers.  Another great thing came out of this as there are usually a few ways to solve each proof.  I loved it when a student proved something in a different way and came to ask me about it.

We still have a long way to go, but I feel this gave them a great foundation!

** I did not provide the proofs I used here as I “borrowed” them from many sources and am not sure where they all even came from.  🙂


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