TinyScan – PDF Scanner App for Smartphones and iPad

IMG_6195I have been using an amazing app that I really don’t know how I lived without called TinyScan.  Holy mac, this app is a teachers dream!  There is a free version which I tried first.  But, I quickly upgraded to the premium version for $4.99.

With TinyScan you take a picture of something with your phone (for me, it is usually the worked out solutions to homework), take a picture of the page, then TinyScan beautifully turns it into a crisp and clear pdf file.  You can edit, crop, and rotate the file.  You can make it black and white or color and darken or lighten the ink.  You can take pictures of several pages in one file (you may have to have the premium version for batch scanning documents into one file).  Once you have edited your pdf, you can email, AirPrint or fax the pdf’s with one click.  The very best part is that you can instantly upload the pdf to your Google Drive from within the app!  You can also set the app to instantly upload to Google Drive (or other services).  To do this, go to settings and choose Auto Upload, and you can choose from Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box or OneDrive.  It’s so easy!

The best way that I use it is by uploading the files to my Google Drive.  I created a shared student folder on Google Drive, so as soon as I finish the key I can take a picture of it and upload it to the student file so that my students have immediate access.  I also take a quick picture of all of my test keys and keep them in the same folder as the original in case I lose the key.  I love this app.

Glenn showed me a couple of different scanning apps at TMC15.  His apps were able to rotate a picture automatically if you took it crooked.  However, he could not automatically upload to Google Drive.  So if you look at a different scan app, make sure you can seamlessly upload to Google Drive if that is important to you.

5 thoughts on “TinyScan – PDF Scanner App for Smartphones and iPad

  1. Wow, this would be pretty cool. I already scan all of my answer keys for Ss and put them in moodle, but I can see how this would be beneficial to me for when I am helping my nieces and nephews with homework that are a few hours away. We usually face time or skype, but this may also help if they just need direction on how to start a problem, etc.

    Another app (for ipad) that you might want to check out, which allows you to actually record you doing a quick problem and sharing by email is Educreations. This is totally free.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes! I use it with my students in his way as well. I have an older iPad, but don’t use it much. I’m trying out Explain Everything bc I can use it on my iPhone. Thank you!

  2. Its’s a great find to be able to scan and save in Google drive! I was using an app that made me take the long way around. Already downloaded this one. Thanks for the tip!

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