My Teacher Evaluation Survey

Thanks to so, so many of you who shared your amazing surveys with me!  I took questions from almost all of them and combined them. My students gave me some of the best information I’ve ever received from a survey so it was worth the time.

I made it anonymous so students would be honest. If you decide to make it anonymous, be aware that sometimes it may be tough to read.  Remember that it is probably not possible to please everyone.  Focus on the good comments and the majority of the comments.  Also, sometimes students are just in the wrong class. It’s not their fault, and it’s not your fault, but it still can make it a tough year for the student.  I need to read those comments, because I want to be able to help all students, especially the ones that may be struggling.

I’d like to survey students on a more regular basis next year so I can make sure that all of my students are in an ok place. (Again, I’m not trying to please everyone, but I would like to know if someone is really miserable when I still have a chance to help them.)  Instead of a formal survey on a regular basis, I’m planning on putting a quick question on every test, and doing a great idea that Megan gave me, which is asking post-it note questions.

I took some of the responses and made wordles with them that I plan on sharing with my students.  I’m still waiting on two classes to finish the survey, so I will publish the Word Clouds tomorrow!  Here is a quick preview of one word they would use to describe my class.

One word to describe

And here is the editable survey.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 8.50.34 PM

9 thoughts on “My Teacher Evaluation Survey

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  2. I want to see your survey, but when i click the link it says that the form is no longer accepting responses 😦

  3. I like your survey. Thank you for sharing. I am planning on using an end-of-year survey with my middle school students.

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