You MUST Try Desmos Activity Builder

Desmos Activity Builder is the favorite thing that I use in my classroom.  I use it almost everyday.  I use it for in class lessons, differentiation during class, independent work, homework, and even for assessment.  You need to at LEAST check it out.  Right now.  TODAY!

Desmos Activity Builder will change your teaching life.  It takes your regular lesson and makes it interactive.  It enables the students to actively learn while allowing you to closely monitor that learning in real time.

Imagine one of your Powerpoint or Smartboard lessons.  But now imagine that instead of you going through the slides at the front of the class, the students are going through each slide at their desks, each on their own device.  And, when you ask them to graph something, you can see them all graphing at the same time.  Instead of asking a question to the class, you ask them the question on the same slide as the notes.  They can put in a free-response answer, or a multiple choice answer with explanations.  You can see every students answer in real time.  You can also chose to have all of the students see each others answers.

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-10-27-22-amIn Activity Builder, I can have the students work at their own pace, or I can chose teacher paced so I control how they move through the slides.  The thing I love most about Desmos is that I can see the students working in real time.  They have multiple choice slides so I could even give a Desmos Activity Builder quiz if I wanted to!  There are already many pre-made lessons in Desmos Activity Builder, so you don’t even have to make your own!  They even have bundles of lessons for each topic!  Below is an preview of the Desmos Bundle for Linears.


I did a very brief “Learn Desmos” for my fellow faculty at the beginning of the year.  I modified it so that you could go through it independently and learn all about Activity Builder!  Click here to experience the things you can do with Desmos Activity Builder!



If you have never used Desmos I highly recommend the great tutorials on the Learn Desmos site.  These will walk you through the calculator (great for students) as well as the Activity Builder.



Desmos Tutorials


Where to find additional amazing Desmos Activities:

Desmos Teacher Lesson Directory

Desmos Bank



Also!  If you are new to the Desmos Activity Builder, you should attend the Global Math Webinar this Tuesday at 9pm EST, Diving Into the Desmos Dashboard!




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