Student Blogging Class, 2017

Each year my school has a week of Winterm, where students can explore interesting classes offered by faculty.  Each year I teach a Blogging 101 class.  As always, my bloggers were amazing!  I almost always read math teacher blogs, so the student blogs are always so fun and interesting to me!


  • Allison – Fandom Fanatic, Blog about Discussing the various fandoms I’m in.
  • Annie Annie Likes Words, My blog is generally about reading and writing: books I like, a few short stories I’ve written, etc.
  • Audreyaudreyrdlife, Blog featuring my photography
  • Bailey Beauty Products, Posts about makeup and what the product does
  • Kayla – Kayla Goldsberry, Blog about my experiences as a dancer
  • LeahThe Stories We Tell, Blog about Books, book reviews, short stories
  • Morgan – Get Your Shine On, A lifestyle blog. Food and Beauty.
  • Vibhaonline shine, Blog about motivation and/or life style

2 thoughts on “Student Blogging Class, 2017

  1. Love them! I taught a few blogging classes years ago, in a homeschool co-op. Only one of my students is still blogging (here), as far as I know. I wonder if my current co-op would be interested in a blogging group next fall…

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