Making Groups Work

It’s not Sunday and this post is a week late!  I just finished up the first trimester at school so I’ve been swamped!  We have also experienced a blogging slow down.  It’s the busiest time of the year for most people!  So instead of a weekly posts for the month of December, let’s do one blog post this month.

The topic for December is “Observe Yourself:  Phone Pocket“.  At Twitter Math Camp this year, Peg Cagle encouraged us to all “Phone Pocket”.  It is when you put your phone on audio record in your pocket for 10 minutest to record your conversations with students.  She said you can learn so much from this practice!  So you don’t get overwhelmed, don’t try to observe everything about what you say and do, but pick one or two things you would like to watch for when listening to the playback.  Then, blog about what you discovered.  Tell us what you do noticed, what you do well, and what you would like to improve.  It is due December 16th.   Submit your blog post here.  Then, you can start working on your  “New Year’s Resolutions!” blog post, due January 7th.

Blog posts appear in the order they were submitted. 


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Our topic for next month is, “Observe Yourself:  Phone Pocket”

Due: Sunday, December 16th   Submit your blog post here.

Helpful tips:

          • Submit your blog post (below) to have your post included in the weekly summary.
          • Tweet out your post!  Use the hashtags #MTBoS (Math Twitter Blogosphere)*, and #SundayFunday to get more traffic to your post.  This is especially important if you are new to tweeting because only your followers will see your tweets unless you include a hashtag.
          • Additional Hashtags:  Of course you can always add more hashtags to your Tweet so more people will be exposed to your post!  You can search any keywords to find a hashtag, and here are some of the more popular ones:
            • #ElemMathChat (Elementary Teachers)
            • #MSmathChat (Middle School Teachers)
            • #GeomChat (Geometry)
            • #Alg1Chat (Alg1 Teachers)
            • #Alg2Chat (Alg2 Teachers)
            • #PreCalcChat (PreCalc and Calc)
            • #MathChat
          • JUST  #PushSend!  🙂

Submit your post using the form below by Saturday at midnight! Just #PressSend

You can also click here to submit.

New to Blogging?

If you are like, “Wow!  This sounds like so much fun!  I want to blog but don’t know where to start!” then you must read “Mission 1: The Power of the Blog” on the Explore the MTBoS site.

** The hardest thing to do week after week is come up with great prompts.  Please help us out by telling us what you would like to blog about (or even read about) here!

* The Math Twitters Blogosphere is not an organization.  Rather it refers to ANYONE that is involved in MATH in ANY way!  You do NOT have to Tweet or have a blog!  But, you can find many teachers that do tweet and blog by searching the hashtag #MTBoS on Twitter.  All are welcome, no invitation necessary!  Please join in the conversation!  Just #PushSend!  

Thanks so very much to @DruinOK for getting this all started and Jessica,  @Algebrainiac1, for creating our awesome logo!


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