Alg 2

I am going back to teaching high school (and Algebra 2) after several years teaching middle school. I am excited to connect with and learn from all of you!

If you find any Alg2 posts that you love, please tweet them out with the #alg2chat hashtag and the specific topic.  I have an idea for compiling them for all of us by topic.

TMC14 – Algebra 2 Morning Session Resources Link

Algebra 2 Bloggers:
Glenn Waddell, Success
Sarah Hagan, Math = Love
Beth, Algebra’s Friend
Jonathan Claydon, Infinite Sums
Scott Keltner, Good for Nothing Blog
Lois Burke, More than a Geek..
Heather Rosson, Matheologian
Jonathan, jd2718
Elissa, misscalcul8
Wendy Menard, Her Mathness
Jason Dyer, The Number Warrior
Chris Rime, Partially Derivative
Erika Fisher, School of Fisher
Kelly Boles, Slightly Skewed HS Math
Mary Cummins, Mary Likes Math
Rachel rosales, Purple pronto pups
Matt Baker, Pythagoras was a Nerd
Andrew Shauver, The Geometry Teacher, @hs_math_phys
Jonathan Claydon, @rawrdimus
Anna Hester, @TypeAMathGirl
Matt Baker, @stoodle
Mary Bourassa, @MaryBourassa
Kailee Gray, @kgmathzest
Dianna Hazelton, @d_hazelton
Kevin Mattice, @kjmonopoly
Elissa Miller, @misscalcul8
Kate Nowak, @k8nowak
Teresa Orpen, @tootalltrees
Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach
Sam Shah
Heather Rosson, Matheologian
Amy Gruen, @sqrt_1, Square Root of Negative One
Brooke Seals, @brookeseals, Sined, Sealed, Calculated
Andrew Busch, @abusch38, Andrew Busch
Bob Lochel, @bobloch, MathCoachBlog
April Rogozinski, @GooberSpeaks, Reflections from an Asymptote
John O’Malley , @jomalleyiv, Functions Are Fun
Robin Mathews, @romathio, romathio
Carol Leonard, @carol_leonard, Real and irrational
Susan Craig, @bpagirls, A Math Teacher Writes
Meg Craig, @mathymeg07, Insert Clever Math Pun Here

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