I Just Cannot Get Over Google Docs!

I really cannot get over Google Docs.  I just CAN’T!  It is so amazing!  I am having my 6th graders finish up their “How I Spend My Time” Google Spreadsheet project this weekend.  All they had to do was enter in their decimals, insert a chart, and then print it out at home.  Many students finished entering all of the information during class, so they just had to insert the chart and print at home.

There are two things that I love about Google Spreadsheets.  One, as a student types, I can WATCH them type!  Two, if they have questions, they can ask me i in the chat box.  Then, I can give them suggestions and even look at their sheets to see what is going on.

So, it’s Sunday night and I am working now that the kids are in bed.  I open the Google Docs to see how my students are doing.  I pop into the chat box to ask them if they have any questions.  I look at their work and help a few of them.

Here is a screen shot from my computer of all of the action (click on the picture to see everything including the chat box and the pie chart)!   It’s amazing, and I love it!  Everyone should try this!

Google Docs in Action!

Google Docs in Action!

1 thought on “I Just Cannot Get Over Google Docs!

  1. Do you have more information on this activity. I am trying to start using Google classroom and we are currently doing a unit on fractions and decimals. I would like more info of this cause it looks very interesting!

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