Equation of a Line Song!

I used the Y in the song YMCA to help my students remember that the y-axis was vertical.  So, what could be the next step except for a song and dance about the equation of a line using the YMCA!  My students really enjoyed singing about fractions, so I wanted to sing and even dance this time!  I know that I am not breaking any new ground here, but my students are fabulous so I wanted to share our version!  We just learned it today so it’s a little rough, but I rarely have both 6th grades together for class so I had to video them today.

I downloaded a karaoke version of the YMCA from iTunes for accompaniment.  We only sang our song to the chorus of the YMCA so luckily, I found a version that started with the chorus!  Of course when we went outside to practice (and video) I couldn’t get the music to play.  But, we’ll do this again for sure!

Equation of a Line Song
(Sung to the chorus of YMCA)
Edited to add a new verse, 2014

y = mx + b, Equation of a line!
y = mx + b…
Puff, puff positive. Nice negative,
0 slope, And undefined

y = mx + b,  Equation of a line!
y = mx + b…
Begin at the B.  Rise and then run.
Connect the points, to graph the line!

That’s all!  Enjoy!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Equation of a Line Song!

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