Dance Steps to Solving Multi-Step Equations

I totally stole this from the amazing Sean (thanks Sean!). But, I could not resist!  It is right up my teaching alley with all of the singing and dancing!  I changed some of the words to suit the steps that I have my students use.  We added motions too, like the CLAW (aka distributive property)!  I was able to integrate with our dance teacher.  She organized the students and cleaned up their steps.  We even added a checkmark formation at the end!  (Yes, that is what they are doing if you can’t tell.  Checkmarks are hard to make!)  Of course I made a video of their performance and then an iMovie to share.  But, I did not get around to having my students Flash Mob this in the carpool line after school.  There is always next year!

Man, I love my job.

Dance Steps to Solving Multi-Step Equations

First you clear your fractions, LCD and CLAW action!

Then you distribute and you do the CLAW scoot!

Then you simplify, put your hands up in the sky!

Then you combine like terms and you do the squirm.

Add and subtract, x-terms alone on one side, so take a step back and do a big slide.

Multiply and divide, the answer you will learn when you jump to the left and do a full turn.

Now, check, check, check, check, check,……..

2 thoughts on “Dance Steps to Solving Multi-Step Equations

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  2. OMG, I love this more than life itself. What a day-brightener. Thanks for thinking ahead to film it and post the video!!!!!

    – Elizabeth (aka @cheesemonkeysf on Twitter)

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