If The Earth Contained 100 People

I discovered the books, “If the World Were A Village” by David Smith at a local math conference two years ago.  I would love to explore the math in this books with my class but have not come up with a good lesson for it yet.  I am posting about this now to get my links together, inspire myself, and maybe get some ideas from the amazing math teachers that read my blog.

If you have lessons or activities surrounding this concept, please share them in the comments with me!  Once I get something together, I will tell you all about it.

Links I like about 100:

Please share links if you have any.

8 thoughts on “If The Earth Contained 100 People

  1. I’ve used that before loosely. Introduced as an idea, then students brainstormed what else they’d like to see like that. Got ideas that were in between, like school, town, state and US, and smaller groups like class or grade level. Great proportional reasoning task, or % work. Did state and country and compared to world. (Easiest to get data for.)

  2. Last year with my 8th graders, I used a lesson that I found from Illuminations titled, “The Next Billion. This had students calculate and predict when the population of the world would reach 7 billion based on population growth trends.


    I could see using this lesson along with the 100 people information above, by having students use proportions given the real world population data in 2011. Students can calculate the exact number for each category (children/adults, nationality, etc.) and then use research the real data to check for its accuracy.

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