Foldable for Functions and Graphing (Graphic Organizer)

Our Functions chapter is full of great information that I would love my students to remember – even more than usual!  I created this Graphic Organizer in the form of a foldable.  It is stuffed full of information including…

  1. NAGS – the four ways to represent a linear equation.  Numerical/analytical, Algebraic equation, Graph, Sentence.  (Thanks @pamjwilson for this idea!)
  2. Functions – Function notation, Domain, Range, Vertical line test.
  3. GRAPHING – Three ways to graph, Table, y=mx+b, using intercepts
  4. Slope – words, formulas, parallel, and perpendicular slopes
  5. Inequalities – Graphing inequalities in two variable.  Dotted line vs. shaded line, test point.

On the back I put a place for their name and extra notes.  The notes section was a new addition to this type of foldable for me and one of my favorite parts!

I go over the graphic organizer in class, giving them examples to work for most of the sections.  After we were finished, I had them turn the graphic organizer over and write notes on the back.  I suggested that they could take notes of things they wanted to remember, or about the topics they felt they needed to focus on when studying.  It was good to do this after the review because what they were unclear about was fresh in their heads.  I then had a few students share what they wrote.  This was helpful to other students.  Some of them wrote extra items as other students read their notes out in class.

I had much higher than usual scores on this test (and more students scoring higher as well).  Considering that this is one of our more difficult topics of the year, I feel that this foldable really helped the students!

Note:  I did not include how to write linear equations because my students are solid in this area.  We added examples when we went over this in class.

To use:  This is a double sided foldable.  You will need to print both side, being sure to line the correct word up with the inside when you print it out.  Students will need to only fold the outside two flaps and then cut on the dotted lines.

File to print out:  7th Chapter 8 Review Foldable – Graphing PDF  or one you can edit from Box.

18 thoughts on “Foldable for Functions and Graphing (Graphic Organizer)

  1. Hey Nick! Yes, I meant to include both links and forgot. The box link is in there now. Thanks for the reminder! I would love to see your edits if you don’t mind. There is always room for improvement. 🙂

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  3. I love the editable idea, I’m in the UK and our terminology is a little different to what you use. This is great, thanks so much!

    • I teach 6th and 7th grade so I like to type some of it for them. Some students at that age still write very slowly or are rather sloppy. I always have them hi-light things I have typed and they do an example for each section. So, this becomes more of a guided activity.

      • I totally give partial notes…I tell them I’m more interested in them understanding than taking the time to just copy stuff. Thank you, thank you! Teachers need more of these opportunities to share & collaborate with the world. Lots of awesome ideas out there.

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