MS Sunday Funday – First Day / First Week Activities

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Welcome to a collaboration of posts by amazing middle school math teachers!

This week’s theme is First Day / First Week Activities.  Next week, the theme will be sharing how you have your students set up their math class notebooks.  This can be interactive notebooks or traditional notebooks.

To submit a blog, click on this link.

** Brand new blogger!

13 thoughts on “MS Sunday Funday – First Day / First Week Activities

    • I’m the first one (the wiki quest). I did it on a separate page so this page would have only the blog titles on it, not my long post too. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. You should write one for next week! 🙂

  1. Hi Julie, I signed up last week without really thinking through how I wanted to do this. I gave you the blog address that I want my students to use. The blog that I just started (thanks to your advice and the awesome list of amazing bloggers you have exposed me to) is if you could switch the address.

    Christie Wilson
    Twitter- cwilson03

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