We Have a Logo for MS Math Sunday Funday!


Thanks so very much to Kimberly Howard, @MrsHowardMath, for creating this very cool logo AND the code to make it into a button.  Just copy this and paste the logo onto your blog post.  You will have the cool logo AND it will link readers back to the main MS Sunday Funday page.  AWESOME!

This week’s blog topic is “Student Math Class Notebooks“.  You can submit at any time.  Please use the Google Form below to submit instead of emailing or tweeting me the information.  It will make compiling the links much, much easier for me (thanks again to the wonderful Jeremy Loukas, @jloukas, for help with this!) AND prevent me from leaving anyone out.

To submit a blog, fill out the form below or click on this link (if you don’t see the form).  

What do you think?

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