Google Spreadsheet and the Wiki for Assigning Homework

I used to keep a plan book.  It was ok.  But, I never actually wrote my plans in it bc those squares were too small.  I just wrote down the lesson title and the homework assignment.   As I got busy, I would often forget to write things down it in.  Especially when I made changes in assignments.  The plan book was one more thing to keep up with and drag back and forth to school every day.  The idea was to use the plan book for the next year as a guide.  But I did not refer to it as often as I should have (only about once a unit) because then I would have to take TWO plan books (one for last year and this year) home every night.

Now, I’m all electronic when I plan.  I made a Google Spreadsheet that lists the date, lesson, homework, and any important links the students will need.  I love this way of giving homework, because then students can easily find the links I want them to access.

I then embedded it into my class wiki.  I only embed one week at a time so my students won’t get confused when looking at the whole document.  (It is blank right now because I still haven’t planned week 1 for this year yet – ACK!)

At the bottom, I provide a “6th Math Archives Page” link so absent students can refer back to the previous week(s).

To make things easier for me when updating and going to a new week, I have two separate tabs in the GDoc spreadsheet.   One is the current week and the other is the archive page.

I put the current week’s assignments into the 6th and 7th tabs.  These are the tabs that I had embedded into the class wiki.  6th 2011 is the entire year and it is what I use for the archives.  I start a new tab for each year (you can see the 6th 2010 and the 7th 2010 from two years ago).  This way I have a record of multiple years of plans and homework all in one place.

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7 thoughts on “Google Spreadsheet and the Wiki for Assigning Homework

  1. I have also tried the plan book, but found that many weeks were often blank after I started posting the weekly schedule on our class website. That method does not provide me a good view for looking at for the next year.

    In the GDoc spreadsheet, do you copy and paste that individual week from ‘6th 2011’ to the ‘6th’? Or is it somehow automated?

    • Yes, I just copy / paste. I used formulas at first to automate it (it pulled from the “6th 2010” sheet, but since I was on a new set of rows each week it didn’t work. You could do a find replace on the “6th” sheet each week, but you have to do that for each row. It ends up taking less time to copy/paste the whole sheet as it is only two steps. On the school website I just put a link to my wiki homework page and don’t even have to update that weekly any longer. If you figure out a better way to automate I would love to hear it. 🙂

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