Support Math Bloggers – MS Sunday Funday!

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This week was fabulous for me!  I enjoyed reading middle school math blogs so much that I read them ALL.  I wasn’t able to comment on them all because I often read them on my iPhone and it’s hard for me to type comments on that little thing.  PLUS, I can almost never prove that I am not a robot.  HEY BLOGSPOT – I AM NOT A ROBOT!  lol!

The best thing about this week was reading posts from the Middle School Math Blogs page that are not “popping up” in my Google Reader.  Why are they not popping up?  Because some of the blogs that I read haven’t posted since the summer (or even the spring).  I know how hectic teaching is (especially when you try to combine it with family life), but all of these blogs were fabulous and I am hopeful that these bloggers start posting again – even if it is only one great idea a month!  I love new ideas!

Some of my favorite things I read about this week are buzzers (which I have been eying since the spring but have not pulled the trigger), and the reminder about  I have used it before, but forgotten about it.  It will be great for integers and I even may try to incorporate it into standards based grading.  Wouldn’t it be great even if SOME of the reassessments were electronic?  I know there will be some significant front end work here, but anything is better than grading papers – anything!!  I also loved the Stand Up, Sit Down warm up activity that helps review fractions, decimals, percents.  You could use this just for fractions, then decimals when you get there, then add on percents.  Brilliant!  And, speaking of SBG, Fawn blows me away as usual with her printed SBG labels.  What an amazing time saver!

THANK YOU for reading and commenting on other blog posts as well!  There is nothing more important in our community than supporting each other.  In so many posts I read, bloggers mention other blogs that have helped them.  Everyone is so thankful for our “gift” community of freely sharing our resources.  It makes us all better teachers!

If you want to write about your favorites, please do and then submit your post here so I can include you below!  Also, if you have given “props” to another teachers blog on your blog recently, please submit that as well.  We all love to be recognized for taking the time to blog and sharing our “blood, sweat and tears” resources.  Click here to submit your MS Sunday Funday post!

NEXT WEEK we will blog about iPad apps and other technology sites that we use in our middle school mathematics classrooms.  Please join us!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Support Math Bloggers – MS Sunday Funday!

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  2. I use nightly! It allows my students to get immediate feedback and allows me to see how they are performing at home. I also set it so that my students can’t earn below a 70. This way, they have to keep trying until they pass. Most are able to figure out their errors within one or two tries. I always review particular questions students have the following day and the most frequently missed questions. It only takes a few minutes to register – I recommend it to all teachers I meet!

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