Study Guide Kit for Math Tests

I teach 6th and 7th graders.  For most of them, 6th grade is the first time they have ever had to study for any test, much less a math test!  To help them along, I created two things for my students, a “How to Study for a Math Test” checklist and a “Math Test Study Guide” foldable.

  1. Laminate the checklist and then have them create a pocket in their graph notebook to keep it in (so they hopefully don’t lose it).
  2. Assign the study guide for homework a couple of days before the test (it becomes a foldable).
  3. Foldable – Have them fold the study guide and glue it into their notebook once they are completely finished filling it out.  They can decorate the cover if they like.
  4. Have in class and work time math help where we use their completed study guides.

This helps me help them!

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For future tests I only have to print out the study guide.

7 thoughts on “Study Guide Kit for Math Tests

  1. I totally loved it! I am a fourth grade teacher and, even when I’ve been teaching for thirteen years, this is my first year teaching math in fourth grade. I spend many hours looking for ideas and that’s how I found this website. I will modify it a little bit for the younger students. Thank you!

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