MS Sunday Funday – Projects and Project Based Learning

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Yes, it’s Monday.  Wednesday night I attempted to upgrade the software on my computer to Mountain Lion.  After a few hours, all I had on my Mac was a white screen with an apple and a spinning disk (and spinning, and spinning).  After five calls to Apple care over the next few days, my computer would not load.  Word to the wise, Mountain Lion install is buggy, period.  Contrary to what the Apple representative told me on the phone, I was NOT the only person to have an unsuccessful upgrade.  On Sunday (the only day I could get an appointment) the Apple store was FULL of people who, like me, had unsuccessfully tried to update to the new Mountain Lion OSX.  WHY does Apple lie to us?  It’s not like we aren’t going to find out the truth when we are sitting with tens of people with the same problem at the Apple Store.  And, why couldn’t they help me over the phone instead of sending me to the store?  At the store, I wasted more of my time having a technician “fix” my computer.  The fix?  They had to wipe my entire computer.  I could have done this myself, from home, and saved so much time.  Thank goodness for Dropbox as I didn’t lose any files.  However, it is such a pain to reload all of your programs, email, and account settings.  Thanks Apple, LOVE the upgrades!  😦
Back to this week!  It’s time for projects and project based learning!  Sorry for the delay!  Please enjoy the links below.

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