ACK – Absences! Or BEST Pre-Spring Break Assignment – Ever

This year I have a plethora of students missing the two days before our spring break week.  This is so difficult for teachers as we do not want to waste two instructional days because a third of your students started their vacay early.  I was especially distressed this year because I wanted to jump into our geometry unit.

Last year my students made Geometry Booklets.  However, since it was my first year teaching 6th grade, I found that the students knew more about geometry that I had previously thought.  I do not want to skip the first geometry chapter in our textbook in case some students did not learn it as throughly as most (or have forgotten it).  But, I realized last year that I did not need to spend as much time on beginning geometry as I did.

This year, we are still doing the Geometry Booklets.  But this year I am not having them look up and write the definitions for all of the terms in their geometry chapters.  Instead  I typed up all of the terms with definitions.  I will print these out for the students to make their booklets.  Since I still want them to be involved and learn what the definitions are, I am going to have them illustrate each term.  They will find where the term in their booklet is located in their math text book and then illustrate the definition.  They may use the books illustration or they may make up their own using the book as a guideline.

This will make coverage of the basic geometry units go faster this year so that I have time to cover more in depth geometry material.  I still plan on having them write up and illustrate definitions, but only for the more advanced topics that come later in their textbook.

So, where does the “Ack – Absences!” come in?  We made the booklets in class today (Wednesday).  So, all of the students that are missing Thursday and Friday can take their colored pencils, textbook, and geometry booklet with them over spring break to finish the illustrating.  This way absent students will not fall behind AND present students can continue working productively in class.  Win, win!

Here are the Geometry Booklets that I typed up in Word and Pdf format (coming soon).  There are two errors on the circles page for Area and Circumference or a circle.  I will fix them and repost pdf when I return from spring break.  If you need it now, print out the word file and correct it.  So sorry!

Source:  I typed up all of the definitions from the Holt McDougal Mathematics Course 2 boo

Update:  This took the students about 1.5 hours to illustrate.  So, we did it in class and then they finished it for homework.  We played Around the World and Geometry Flyswatter game on Friday.  I let them use their books!  I am going to update the games to incorporate all of the geometry terms in the booklet.  Coming soon!  🙂

3 thoughts on “ACK – Absences! Or BEST Pre-Spring Break Assignment – Ever

    • Oh no! There are TWO mistakes! And they are totally random. Somehow the Pythagorean theorem ended up on that page as well. Please use the Word file until I have a chance to fix the pdf one. I’m leaving asap for Spring Break – YEAH – so I may not have time this whole week! Yeah again! 🙂

      Thank you so much for noticing and letting me know, the week before spring break I may not have even seen it! lol!

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