One-Sheets Are Back!

We just finished our first chapter in Algebra 2.  This means that we also just did our first “One-Sheet” Study Guides!

  1.  I provided them with a list of the 6 main topics of this chapter.
  2. They brainstormed in groups about what should go under each topic, using their notes and book.
  3. They folded a brightly colored piece of paper into 6 sections and label each section with the topic.
  4. Gallery Walk – They walked around the room and examined each other’s boards to see it there was something great they wanted to include on their sheet that wasn’t on THEIR board.
  5. I take pictures that I post so students can go back and read the boards if they would like.

Brainstorming with their teams

Gallery Walk of the finished boards

Creating the One-Sheet


Creating the One-Sheet from their boards

6 thoughts on “One-Sheets Are Back!

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  2. I think this is a really great way to design a study guide! I’ve never seen this in a classroom before, but I definitely plan on using it sometime. Not only does this help students prepare for their final exam, but it encourages students to understand and summarize their learning after each chapter. This is also a super fun way for students to interact and talk about what they learned that unit. Communication and group work is very important when learning math! Great content!

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  4. I used this for the first time yesterday. It worked great! I teach 8th grade algebra and use several different texts as we do not have current textbook aligned to common core. I gave students topics and they had to generate their own problems or copy from the text is they are my level 1 and 2 students.
    My district does a regional walk through were principals and staff from other schools walk through your class. They all loved the activity and some even took pictures of the boards students were working on. I also loved having students do this because they really got to use their mathematical practices.

    So glad I came across your blog.

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