Construction Instruction Booklet (Foldable)


Yikes!  Constructions!  There are many steps to follow.  My students are working really hard but I felt that they (and I) could use a little reminder / reference guide for the most basic constructions.  I made a layered booklet foldable.  Each each page contained instructions for one construction with an example for them to construct.


I love the layered book because of the way the information can be organized.  I made it half sized so it would fit in their composition booklets.  I made a ppt to show the students with folding instructions so I wouldn’t have to fold all of them myself.  Cutting and sorting them was enough work!


I copied the instructions from the Math Open Ref site as it is what I have shown my students as we have done each construction.  My students and I have really enjoyed the videos on the Math Open Ref site.  The most ingenious part is the fact that you can select “auto repeat” so that the video plays over and over again.  I loop this video while I walk around helping students.  It’s a game changer.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.35.45 PM

After the students used their notes (and the Math Open Ref site or me if needed) to finish all of the examples in the foldable, I glued or stapled it in the center, then they glued them into their INB’s.

I have included the Word and pdf versions of the file on Box, as well as the in class ppt I used to help them fold it.  Enjoy!