Blog in August to Participate in the Virtual Conference on Mathematical Flavors!

The amazing Sam Shah has created a virtual math conference for the month of August and he would love to feature your blog post!  To participate, write a blog post that answers the prompt below and submit it from now until August 27th.  You can read more about the details and even get blogging ideas on Sam’s Blog.  Once submitted, your blogpost will be featured with the keynote blogs of the week from Ben Orlin, Annie Perkins, Rebecka Peterson, Dan Meyer, Robert Q Berry III, Matt Enlow, Michael Pershan, Lybrya Kebab, and Tracy Zager.

The prompt that you will blog about is:

How does your class move the needle on what your kids think about the doing of math, or what counts as math, or what math feels like, or who can do math?

Your teaching practice has an impact on how your kids think about mathematics. Our classrooms are little bubbles and while kids are sitting in them, they are picking up all kinds of signals about mathematics. You might have students leaving a year with you thinking mathematics is collaborative, or that it requires taking risks, or that it is hard but hard is okay. We all have our own unique flavor of mathematics that we are imparting to students through how we orchestrate our classes day in and day out.” – Sam J Shah

Click here to read more about the virtual conference!

Weekly Keynotes and Deadlines

  • To be featured on Week 1 with Ben Orlin and Annie Perkins, submit your blogpost by noon on July 30th
  • To be featured on Week 2 with Rebecka Peterson and Dan Meyer, submit your blogpost by noon on August 6th
  • To be featured on Week 3 with Robert Q Berry III and Matt Enlow, submit your blogpost by noon on August 13th
  • To be featured on Week 4 with Michael Pershan and Lybrya Kebreab, submit your blogpost by noon on August 20th
  • To be featured on Week 5 with Tracy Zager, submit your blogpost by noon on August 27th

Happy Blogging!  I would love to see your blog post at the conference!

Julie Reulbach