Foldable Talk Summary – Recording, Links, and Powerpoint Included

Wow!  We had 65 people attend the second Global Math Department Foldable talk tonight.  We had some technical difficulties, mostly with audio.  I didn’t use a microphone last week when I jumped in on Megan’s talk so I didn’t think about using one this week.  But, I should have because I was hard to hear.  I hope I didn’t speak too fast (I have that tendency), which would make poor audio even worse.  If you didn’t get to go, you can view (and hopefully listen) to the entire presentation here.  So far I can only see the chat and the slides.  I am hoping that the audio is still processing.

Here are the slides from my presentation.  Pictures of some of the foldables are at the end.

To download the actual foldables, visit the Math Teacher’s Wiki.