Math Motivation Classroom Posters – Made 4 Math

I love Pinterest and have been pinning great posters and quotes every since I joined.  But, there is nothing I hate more than clicking on a link that doesn’t take me to the pinned item or WORSE, takes me to the dreaded Teachers Pay Teachers site.  Ugh.

So, since I just bought my very own laminator, I decided to make my own posters and post them here AND on Pinterest, for FREE, in PDF form.  These are not fancy posters, as I do not have fun borders.  But, they are the things I want to say in my classroom.

As part of my first day (or first week) activities, I am going to have my student read all of my posters, pick their favorite one, and then write why it is their favorite poster and what they think it means.  I don’t want the kids to not notice or even think about these posters on my wall.  They are here for a reason.

Without further ado…

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