Dry Erase Index Card Necklaces

I loved new blogger Bruce’s post “My Name is 6 x 7” where each student wears a multiplication fact (say 12 x 6) on a name tag.  Then, everyone calls that person 72 for the whole time they are wearing their multiplication name tag.  As soon as I read this, I knew I had to try it with my 6th graders!   Most of them are still having trouble with 9’s and 12’s facts.  My problem is they are only in math for 1 hour a day, so for this to be effective, they would need to wear their facts for a few days in a row in my class.  Since I didn’t want to use up 32 name tags a day (labels can get expensive), I came up with a dry-erase nametag solution.

Nora gave me the great idea in a comment on my Math Stations post about making necklaces out of index cards.  I laminated index cards, punched two holes in them, and then put string in them to make dry-erase index card necklaces.  When the students come in, they can write their fact on their necklace and wear it.  Whenever they speak, they must introduce themselves (ie – 12×6 would be called 72!  And whenever anyone speaks to them, they must call them by their multiplication name (72).

These necklaces are so cool that I am trying to think of other fun ways to use them!  Bruce said a teacher in his building puts longer problems on them.  I am thinking:

  • 10 x 10 x 10 on a card, their name is 10 cubed (or the other way around).
  • Turn the cards around so they are on their backs.
    • Put a vocab word on it and then 5 kids have to write an example on your card.  Turn it around and then see which ones are correct.
    • Write vocab words they don’t know so they can play, “Who Am I?”

That’s all I have for now.  But if you have a brilliant idea (and I’m sure that you do!), please leave it in the comments!