Assessments Using Desmos Webinar, March 25th at 12:30PM PST

Please join me on Zoom tomorrow, March 25th at 12:30 PM PST for my Assessments Using Desmos webinar!

I will talk about test integrity, grading, giving feedback, and how to create self-checking slides with computation layer. How to give feedback inside Desmos (NEW FEATURE!!) will be covered as well.

The session document is located here and webinar will be recorded if you aren’t able to attend. Note: It usually takes about a week to process and publish the recording.

I looking forward to seeing you there!¬† ūüôā



Supporting Students – Reviewing the Basics

I teach Algebra 2 to students who have just completed a year of Geometry. They do some algebra throughout the year, but are still rusty on many skills when their year with me begins.

This summer I am assigning an optional review on Delta Math for my students. It’s mostly basics with some beginning Algebra 1 topics. I included rounding, basic percents, fraction operations, order of operations, exponents, slope and linear equations, and basic factoring.

I will give my students a pre-assessment in the first week of school so they will know exactly what concepts they still need to work on.  I plan on reteaching the concepts that the majority of the students struggle with.

However, I’m not quite sure of the best way to help students that need more support than this. ¬†I will leave the Delta Math set live so students can continue to practice those topics. ¬†I plan on holding¬†algebra one review sessions during student choice times for students that need, or want, extra support. ¬†But I would like to make sure it is enough, enough time and enough support. ¬†I want to support students who need review, but I am afraid of spending too much class time¬†reviewing basics. ¬†I don’t want students who do not need the review to be bored in my class.

Mattie suggested that I spend some time putting students together that can help each other, and letting them work with each other. ¬†I do like this idea, as it will be more individualized help for students (instead of just me trying to help many students on many different concepts). ¬†Also, often¬†students understand other students better than the teacher. ¬†I could do this in class occasionally or make it during student choice times. ¬†If students volunteered to help others during choice times they could even earn service hours. ¬†But, I haven’t even thought about how to structure this.

I would love ideas.  How do you support students that need extra help with basic skills during an already hectic school day/year?