Let’s Blog Together! Sunday Funday is Back!

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Blogging is something wonderful that you can do for yourself.  I’m not a great writer and grammar mystifies me.  But that is OK, I write for myself.  I write to brainstorm, to reflect, to hold myself accountable, and especially to remember my past lessons for future years!  When I first started blogging, no one read it, few if any commented.  And that was ok, even better at first, because I didn’t have to worry about an audience.  It was almost like a diary, and it was freeing.  I was writing for me.  

This past year has been tough.  I tweeted much less, I rarely blogged.  And I missed it.  In fact, maybe NOT blogging contributed to this being a tough year?  Blogging takes time, and I didn’t TAKE time for me.  I didn’t MAKE time for me.  I need some ME time.

Carl Oliver gave a keynote, Hitting the Darn ‘Send’ Button at TMC (Twitter Math Camp) last week where he encouraged everyone who is a current tweeter/blogger or is interested in tweeting or blogging to “Just #PushSend“.  All of this talk about blogging inspired me.  And then everything changed with this one tweet from Shelli.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.43.37 PM

MS/HS SunFun was a blogging initiative that existed a few years back.  It was fun, and inspiring, but especially helpful to have a weekly prompt!  So YES, it was an amazing idea, and once Shelli suggested it we jumped right on it!  Thankfully Jessica also got all excited and whipped up a logo (actually multiple logos like a logo savant).  We pulled Sam in for logo design suggestions and were soon on our way!

Have you never blogged before?  Are you afraid to blog? ME TOO! Blogging can be scary for everyone.  It can even be tough for long time bloggers to #PushSend.  But blogging has done so much for ME, and I want to help bring that to YOU.   Please know that you are good enough, and that you deserve it.  You should blog for YOU.  Just #PushSend“.

If you would like to blog, but have a hard time coming up with ideas, join us for Sunday Funday blogging!   “Sunday Funday Blogging” is for ALL math peeps out there, elementary, middle school, or high school teachers, math professors, math coaches, math ed students, and anyone that just wants to blog about math!  There will be a new prompt each week!  “Just #PushSend“.

Our topic for this week is, “First Day Plans”

Due: Sunday, August 13th, 6AM

Helpful tips:

  • Submit your blog post (below) by Sunday at 6AM to have your post included in the weekly summary.
  • Tweet out your post!  Use the hashtags #MTBoS (Math Twitter Blogosphere)*, #PushSend and #SundayFunday to get more traffic to your post.  This is especially important if you are new to tweeting because only your followers will see your tweets unless you include a hashtag.
  • Additional Hashtags:  Of course you can always add more hashtags to your Tweet so more people will be exposed to your post!  You can search any keywords to find a hashtag, and here are some of the more popular ones:
    • #ElemMathChat (Elementary Teachers)
    • #MSmathChat (Middle School Teachers)
    • #GeomChat (Geometry)
    • #Alg1Chat
    • #Alg2Chat (Alg2 Teachers)
    • #PreCalcChat
    • #MathChat
  • JUST  #PushSend!  🙂

Submit your post using the form below by Saturday at midnight! Just #PressSend

You can also click here to submit.

New to Blogging?

If you are like, “Wow!  This sounds like so much fun!  I want to blog but don’t know where to start!” then you must read “Mission 1: The Power of the Blog” on the Explore the MTBoS site.

** The hardest thing to do week after week is come up with great prompts.  Please help us out by telling us what you would like to blog about (or even read about) here!

THANK YOU to Shelli, Jessica, Sam, and everyone else that jumped on that thread to help today!

Archive of MS Sunday Funday’s of the past

* The Math Twitters Blogosphere is not an organization.  Rather it refers to ANYONE that is involved in MATH in ANY way!  You do NOT have to Tweet or have a blog!  But, you can find many teachers that do tweet and blog by searching the hashtag #MTBoS on Twitter.  All are welcome, no invitation necessary!  Please join in the conversation!  Just #PushSend!  

Thanks so very much to Jessica,  @Algebrainiac1, for creating our awesome logo!

Student Blogging Class, 2017

Each year my school has a week of Winterm, where students can explore interesting classes offered by faculty.  Each year I teach a Blogging 101 class.  As always, my bloggers were amazing!  I almost always read math teacher blogs, so the student blogs are always so fun and interesting to me!


  • Allison – Fandom Fanatic, Blog about Discussing the various fandoms I’m in.
  • Annie Annie Likes Words, My blog is generally about reading and writing: books I like, a few short stories I’ve written, etc.
  • Audreyaudreyrdlife, Blog featuring my photography
  • Bailey Beauty Products, Posts about makeup and what the product does
  • Kayla – Kayla Goldsberry, Blog about my experiences as a dancer
  • LeahThe Stories We Tell, Blog about Books, book reviews, short stories
  • Morgan – Get Your Shine On, A lifestyle blog. Food and Beauty.
  • Vibhaonline shine, Blog about motivation and/or life style

Explore the MTBoS Blogging Initiative for 2017!

Yes!  It is that time of year again!  It is time to dust off the old blog, or even be brave and make the jump to start your very own blog!

Please join us during the Explore the MTBoS for the 2017 Blogging Initiative!  It is for old and new bloggers alike!  Don’t be afraid – it’s just FOUR posts, one a week, to get you started (or jump-started).

Learn more about it on the Explore the MTBoS page.  And, don’t feel like you “missed” it if you start late.  Because it’s never too late to join!  Jump in during any week.  We would love to have you, and I can’t wait to read all of the amazing posts!



Monthly Algebra 2 Blog Posts! #Alg2Chat

Thanks to all of the Algebra 2 Teachers who submitted a blog post this month!  Don’t forget about our Algebra 2 Twitter Chat, this Thursday at 9PM EST (#Alg2Chat).

We would love to have you blog with us!  Here are the topics that we will be discussing at the #Alg2Chat’s on Twitter this month.  It would be great for you to blog so you can share your blog link during the discussions.

9/8/16 – Student Engagement

9/15/16 – Rich Problems for Algebra 2

9/22/16 – Making Groups Work

9/29/16 – How You Use Technology

Fill out this form to submit your blog post.

Algebra 2 Monthly Blog Spot

I can’t wait to read about everything other Algebra 2 teachers are planning and doing in their classrooms! I thought it would be fun if we all blogged and then I could post a compilation of our blogs about once a month.

I would love for us to blog about how your curriculum is organized (sequence of topics).  I think it would be great to see as it seems we are all usually teaching the same topics at about the same time.
Other great ideas for blog posts could be:

  • First day / first week activities
  • Goals for this year
  • Great icebreakers
  • Math class set-up

You don’t have to choose!  If you go crazy and want to blog about all of them, please do!  Submit every post to the form below and I will post them all!  And don’t forget to tweet out your post with the #Alg2Chat hashtag.  Also, if you are in a blogging frenzy, check out #MTBoSblaugust, and include that hashtag to your post as well!  You don’t have to wait, you can get started now!  🙂

Join us on Twitter and even with blogging!

Please join us on Twitter at #Alg2Chat.  If you aren’t on Twitter yet, now is a GREAT time to start.  You will be amazed at the resources that will come right to you!  Also, if you have always wanted to start a blog, do it!  We have a great website, Exploring The MTBoS, that can help you with both!

Algebra 2 Math Chats (#Alg2Chat) Coming in September!  Thursday nights at 9PM EST

Check out #Alg2Chat Thursday nights at 9PM EST, beginning in September.  If you are interested in helping moderate, or have some great topics you would like to discuss, please tweet me at @jreulbach.

Click here to enter your blog post, or fill in the form below. 🙂


Blogging Initiative, 2016

2015 was a tough year for me, as I was at a new school, teaching all new classes in a different division!  I did not have much time to blog.  But now it’s 2016, and the new blogging initiative is almost here!!  With the new year comes a new resolution for my blog…

I, Julie Reulbach at iSpeakMath, resolve to blog in 2016 in order to open my classroom up and share my thoughts with other teachers. I hope to accomplish this goal by participating in the January Blogging Initiation hosted by Explore MTBoS.

You, too, can still join in on this exciting adventure!  All you have to do is dust off your blog and get ready for the first prompt to arrive January 10th!

We matched new bloggers up with mentors during the month of December.  However if you would still like to mentor anyone (or get help) please check out the spreadsheet.  This is a self-directed spreadsheet, so be sure to pick a mentor or someone to help when you sign up!

Blogging Class for Middle and High School Students

At my school, the first week back is called “WinTerm”.  It is a week where all of the students get to take different classes.  We have all day and half day classes, and some students even go on trips for the week.

I decided to teach a half day class on blogging.  I created a blog for my students on how to blog with daily instructions.  It has been such a fun week!  My students have done an excellent job – and even ran through everything I wanted to teach them by Wednesday!  So Thursday I had them read and comment on each other’s blogs.  Today I am going to teach them how to REALLY use Twitter.  Teenagers seem to use hashtags pretty randomly or mainly for sarcasm.  I also introduced them to Code.org so they could understand the coding behind the blogs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

About mid-week we decided to do a group blog called “Study Songs” where songs and mnemonics are posted to help them study for school topics.  We put a form on there so anyone reading the blog could submit their favorite mnemonic.  Share it with your students so they can contribute too!

You could do blogging with a middle school class as well, probably beginning in 7th grade.  I taught one of my 7th grade students how to blog last year because she had a great idea that needed to be shared!  I have included her blog as well.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast they went through the material I wanted to teach them this week.  And I really love reading their blogs!  I am learning about fitness, fashion, books I need to read, movies I need to watch, and food!  I have included their blogs below so you can also see what students are capable of!

Check out our blogs!

7th Grade Blog (8th now)

  • Leila, Only at Woodlawn, This blog is written by the class of 2019 about all of the wonderful things that ONLY happen at Woodlawn!

“How Do You Do It?”

I get this question a lot. My honest answer, “I don’t know, I just do.” Most of my teaching friends in the MathTwitterBlogosphere do as
much or more than me. It’s just what we do.

I teach full time and have three boys in competitive sports. My husband works as much, if not more, than I do. We share the workload. He is laundry, I am groceries, etc. It’s not easy, but it works. And anything worth it is usually not easy.

The past month has been the most hectic I can remember in a long time. I’ve been out of town 18 of the last 24 days and I still have one more 3 day trip this week. I have interviewed for jobs, went to NCTM in New Orleans, went out of town for a week at spring break, and went on a three day overnight with the 7th grade. I just got back today from a weekend soccer tournament with my youngest son in VA. This week I go to the Smoky Mountains for three days on the 6th grade overnight. This month has been insane even for me!

I blog and tweet because I love it. It’s my passion. I don’t read books for pleasure unless I’m on vacation. I rarely watch TV. I make time for my family, teaching, and the MTBoS because they are all things that I love. Being busy keeps me happy.


MathEd Out Podcast Launch feat. Julie Reulbach

I was honored to be interviewed for the launch episode of the new MathEd Out Podcast. I was also nervous, so I talked a bit fast. But, fast forward is pretty much my constant speed!

Bookmark it because they have a fantastic line up the next couple of months, including Dan Meyer and the Director of NRich, Lynne McClure.

iTunes link:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mathed-out-podcast/id829363708#

The MathEd Out Podcast

We are excited to announce the launch episode of the MathEd Out Podcast, a show for those wanting to hear about the best ideas and resources in the world of Math Education.

Guest appearance from Blogger Julie Reulbach of ispeakmath.org fame

This week we are joined by influential blogger Julie Reulbach from ispeakmath.org who will be sharing about why she started to blog and how much it has benefitted her in the classroom. We will also have tips for those who want to start their own.

Julie is a middle school teacher from North Carolina and is a regular on the bloggerstwittersphere (@jreulbach)

Click Here to subscribe to MathEd Out on iTunes

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82726094/MathEdOut/03-01-2014%20Julie%20ReulBach.mp3]

Links from the show:

Julie’s Blog – ispeakmath.org (@jreulbach)

Dan Meyer Blog – blog.mrmeyer.com (@ddmeyer)

Kate Nowak Blog – function-of-time.blogspot.com (@k8nowak)

Sam Shah Blog – samjshah.com (@samjshah)


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Mission #8: Sharing is Caring in the MTBoS

It’s the LAST MISSION! Go out with a bang! Even if you haven’t had the time to do even ONE mission – you should just go for it and complete this last mission! Or, at least fill out the survey! Thanks so much!

Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere

It’s amazing. You’re amazing. You joined in the Explore the MathTwitterBlogosphere set of missions, and you’ve made it to the eighth week. It’s Sam Shah here, and whether you only did one or two missions, or you were able to carve out the time and energy to do all seven so far, I am proud of you.

I’ve seen so many of you find things you didn’t know were out there, and you tried them out. Not all of them worked for you. Maybe the twitter chats fell flat, or maybe the whole twitter thing wasn’t your thang. But I think I can be pretty confident in saying that you very likely found at least one thing that you found useful, interesting, and usable.

With that in mind, we have our last mission, and it is (in my opinion) the best mission. Why? Because you get to do something…

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